A podcast about tech, feelings, open source, and /dev/urandom.

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Index of Refraction 2019/04/22

Jess goes on safari in San Francisco and a wild Lachlan Evenson appears. Jess, Andrew and Lachlan discuss the journey from building the internet in the Australian Outback to Cloud Native and wrap up weighing Net Neutrality.

Discover the Past 2019/04/19

Sophie Haskins, ops witch at github (@sophaskins) shares stories about collecting and learning from old hardware with our heroes Jess and Andrew.

Learn more from Sophie at

Remember the future 2019/04/15

Erica Windisch, CTO, Co-Founder of IOpipe walks down memory lane, working with Jess and Drew, building clouds, serverless, and more random tech feelings.

That's my super power 2019/04/08

Senior Staff Engineer at VMware and Co-Chair of Kubecon, Bryan Liles (@bryanl) shares his stories and philosophies with Jess and Andrew.

Resourceful & Persistent 2019/04/04

Verónica López (@maria_fibonacci) shares her software engineering journey from physics and mobile projects in Mexico to Cloud Native Kubernetes in Silicon Valley with Andrew and Jess.

Bleeding Silicon 2019/04/01

Andrew and Jess discuss Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos.

Open All The Compute 2019/03/30

Andrew and Jess discuss open source hardware and firmware from open compute summit.

Foundation Head 2019/03/17

Andrew and Jess discuss open source foundations.

Note from Jess: If you want to support open source projects checkout open collective, outreachy, and the software conservancy.

Pilot 2019/03/09

Cross post to the “unofficial pilot” episode on Arrested Devops: